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Monster Energy Amps Up Through Social Media

Track Social follows more than 12,000 companies across hundreds of social media metrics and has noticed a recent boost in Monster Energy’s Facebook audience.  This week, using our Campaign Module, we took a deeper look into determining what’s been fueling Monster’s growth and its impact on engagement.

The Campaign

Monster Energy’s Facebook app ‘Monster Energy Ultimate Intern Search‘ – launched on April 9 – is ostensibly a way for Monster to recruit its next new intern. But it’s actually a savvy, ultimately low-risk, way for Monster to generate buzz-worthy social media attention and boost its online audience numbers. Aside from a ‘swag bag’ for the first 250 applicants, the real prizes are two summer internships – for which Monster will pay basically nothing.

And even so, the kids went for it.

Submissions ranged from serious and attractive (or seriously attractive) applicants to brand enthusiasts – like this guy who thinks his prized collection of Monster cans (one from Luxembourg!) proves he knows more about Monster than anyone else. And then there’s this dude (is that a Monster throne he’s sitting on?) who claims his blood is made of Monster.

The Results

Judging a campaign’s success can be tricky. Does it generate likes? Do those likes translate into increased engagement? Track Social’s Campaign Module uses goals, baselines, time periods, and tagging to accurately crunch data and analyze a campaign from start to end to depict what changes, if any, were made to a brand’s social media performance.

According to Track Social’s Campaign Module, during the course of the Ultimate Intern Search campaign, Monster’s daily increase in Facebook audience numbers jumped 122% from just over 11,000 new Fans per day to almost 24,000.

Monster’s Facebook “Buzz” numbers also saw a big boost, up 69%. Buzz is a measure of how much people are talking about a brand on social media. Perhaps all the wanna-be interns begging their friends to vote for their videos ignited the Monster Buzz.

Track Social Campaign Tracker – Monster Energy Intern Search

The Campaign Module also tracks many other metrics throughout the course of a campaign, and the Goals feature allows us to focus the scoring on outcomes that are relevant to the purpose. In this case some of the metrics that have fallen, such as Presence (largely driven by page posting activity) and Engagement (largely driven by Fan likes and comments on page posts) were ancillary to the core measurable purpose of the campaign.

The audience gains make this a reasonably strong Audience Growth campaign compared to the 100s we have monitored. And now that the voting phase of this competition has begun, (online voting via Facebook runs until June 10 at which point 6 top vote-getters will head to Corona, CA for the final selection), Monster stands to post additional gains in Audience and Buzz numbers due to some smart viral hooks embedded in the voting scheme. In order to support an intern candidate, Facebook users have to “Like” the Monster page and allow them permission to post on their wall.

We will keep tracking Monster’s progress as they move through the voting phase of their Intern Search. In the meantime, you can see more social media metrics on Monster and 12,000 other brands by signing up for a free Track Social account here!


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